Why mental health is important

When we talk about mental health we refer to the emotional, social and psychological well-being that a person should have . When someone has mental health, they can correctly manage stress, manage their emotions, relate effectively with others and make assertive decisions.

Mental health is an inherent part of being human; This means that no matter what stage of life you are in (childhood, adolescence, adulthood or old age), it is important to improve the way you face and conceive the world .

The World Health Organization defines mental health as ” a state of mental well-being that enables people to cope with life’s stressful moments, develop all their abilities, be able to learn work properly, and contribute to the improvement of their community”.

Mental health risk factors

There are risk factors that harm mental health. First, the psychological and biological factors of each person. Here we find the emotional skills that each person has to manage their emotions according to each circumstance.

On the other hand, people who abuse substances such as drugs and alcohol have a high chance of seeing their mental health affected. On the other hand, there are genetic factors that predispose mental disorders.

Another risk factor is the social, economic, environmental and political environments that affect collectively, where we find populations with extreme poverty, violent sectors, economic inequality and polluted environments.

In children, some risk factors are family contexts where they receive punishment, physical violence and verbal abuse; in addition, academic environments where bullying is frequent.

How to improve mental health?

Here are some tips to improve your mental health:

  1. Take care of your physical health. It has been proven that mental health is directly related to physical conditions. Make time to be active, eat healthy, and have periods of rest and sleep.
  2. Be grateful. Having a positive attitude has an impact on mental health. Develop gratitude techniques every morning.
  3. Meditate. Meditation helps balance the mind and body. Take time to focus your attention, improving your breathing and giving yourself space.

Pay attention to your mental health!

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