The utility of radiographs

According to data from the Pan American Health Organization, about 3.6 billion X-ray exams are performed each year. on the planet .

In this same report, PAHO states that access to X-rays can solve up to 80% of diagnostic problems for various diseases ; however, about two thirds of the world’s population do not have possibilities for this type of procedure.

Why are X-rays the most common? What advantages do they have? Let us first see what is meant by radiographs or X-rays.

What are x-rays?

X-rays ─also known as radiographs produce images of the body, through a form of radiation. The x-ray device emits x-ray particles and creates shadow images of bones, organs, and tissues.

To read the X-rays…

It is possible that you have had in your hands a radiographic image and you did not understand what that image is about . To understand a little more, consider the following:

  1. The bones will be white .
  2. In white you can also see metals and contrast media (inks used to highlight specific parts of the body).
  3. If there are structures that contain air, they will appear black.
  4. Muscles, fats, and fluids will be visible in shades of gray .

Advantages of X-rays

X-rays are a very common form of medical diagnosis; This is because they are quick to do, easily accessible, and cheaper than other studios . X-rays allow the evaluation of trauma, infections, cancers, bone pathologies and even if there are abnormalities in the soft tissues.

An important advantage of x-rays is that the radiation from the x- rays is a very low dose and the exam takes only a short time . In addition to this, it is a very comfortable procedure for the patient.

In addition, radiographs do not cause pain in patients and do not require further preparation to be performed; They do not have considerable contraindications or side effects. However, if you are a pregnant woman, or think you are pregnant, do not hesitate to inform your radiologist.

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