Learn a little about what gynecology is

Gynecology is a branch of medicine that focuses on caring for the sexual and reproductive health of women. When we talk about sexual care we refer to the prevention of diseases in the female reproductive system and the breasts.

In this sense, gynecology is going to study the vagina, the ovaries and the uterus. It focuses on the detection of diseases such as cancer, endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cysts, incontinence and other similar conditions.

Not only that, gynecology is also focused on female hormonal problems, especially those that occur in women when they are pregnant, during their menstruation and menopause.

The prevention of gynecological diseases should be a crucial element in the medical consultations of all women. If you go to this specialist, you may wonder what he can do for you. Here we explain it:

What does gynecology do for my health?

It is recommended that women go for control at least once a year. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that women’s health ─both girls and women─ is related to sex, gender and social aspects of medical access.

Here lies the importance of visiting the gynecologist to receive:

• Gynecological ultrasounds. Through this procedure it will be possible to see how the woman’s lower abdomen and pelvis are.
• Breast analysis. Through observation and palpation, it is sought to see if there are lumps, masses or anomalies that may be malignant or benign, and the most appropriate treatment will be referred.
• Pap smear. This test consists of taking samples from the cervix to rule out cancer cells.
• Contraceptives. The gynecologist is in charge of prescribing, in a timely manner, a sexual care treatment that prevents an unwanted pregnancy.
• Obstetric consultations. It is a branch of gynecology that focuses on the care of pregnant women.

All this helps in the prevention of diseases such as cancer and sexually transmitted infections. Visit your specialist regularly. Care and prevention depends on you.

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